About Us

The activist group #GeenDorHout once started as a similarly named viral hashtag. Jacquie Davis started this hashtag out of frustration with the political policies that leave disabled people at risk of covid at their own devices, and the societal debates surrounding the worth of their existence. In this quote Jacquie shares their thoughts about the success of the the hashtag and the movement to fight for disabled lives that came out of it.

“When the hashtag went viral people often asked me if I had seen this coming. I answered it with a resounding no. Disabled people at risk for covid have been talking about the situation for months. We have been constantly saying that politicians, society and media will be of no help to us. Nobody wanted to listen. So I naturally assumed it would be the case now too. However, the fact that nobody wanted to listen to us for so long, was exactly the reason why I should have seen this coming. We were all sharing the same emotions, the same collective anger. On a hashtag we weren’t just individual people that had something to say but it turned us into a we, a group, that all had the same thing to say: Enough!

The fight is far from over though. A hashtag of coming together became a group of people fighting this fight together.”

Together with Laura, Lena, Sophie, Peter, Naomi, Tamar, Malene, Morgan, Nadia and Feminists Against Ableism (FAA), Jacquie started activist group #GeenDorHout to put their words into action. Together with other activists they organise actions and protests to keep bringing awareness to the situation Disabled people at risk for covid are in. 

Besides the activism the group also offers a platform for support. If you are not able to be part of any protests but you want to exchange experiences with people in similar situations, you can join them on their Discord.